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Gel Formula - Herbivore - 35 g - 1 pk

The 35g Tropical Gel Formula for Herbivorous is a DIY food product packed full of the essential vitamins and nutrients that keep your fish healthy and happy. The best part of this item is that aquarium owners have full control over how they choose to present their food to their fish. Large or small? Pellet, flake or spread? Star shaped or fish shaped? Floating or sinking? The Tropical Gel Formula for Herbivorous fish gives you the freedom to decide what would style and size be most beneficial for the unique aquatic environment that you have set up. The flexible food benefits herbivores due to the 5 different species of algae present in the food as well as the fact that it maintains its form instead of splitting apart into small pieces and dissolving or getting sucked up by the filter. The consistency and taste of the gel mimics the foods present in many natural environments all over the world, which help stimulate regular appetite and feeding patterns. Due to the structural integrity of the gel, it can be suspended with string, spread on rocks like a paste or adhered to the side of the tank with a suction cup, offering unlimited possibilities for your aquarium at dinner time. The gel itself is composed of spirulina, vitamins and amino acids. In addition, the ingredients also provide essential vitamins to improve growth and digestion as well as plenty of carotenoids to enhance the bright, beautiful colours of your fish. Once the gel has been made, it can be stored for up to 5 days in the fridge or up to 6 months in the freezer.

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