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The Seapora Mariner Pro Protein Skimmer by JNS is a powerful, highly-effective in-sump protein skimmer for reef aquariums. The Mariner Pro is simple to use, install, and operate, making it a great protein skimmer for hobbyists at all levels. Create a healthy environment that your aquatic inhabitants can thrive happily in by implementing a supplementary filtration device. Skimmers remove proteins and other contaminants from your aquarium water before they can break down into more harmful elements, such as ammonia or nitrates.

Engineered with precision detail and the latest and greatest in filtration technology, this skimmer combines the use of the revolutionary new Shark PRO, an incredibly strong and efficient Askol skimmer pump, and a unique cone-shaped body to produce bubbles at an efficient size and rate. Also notable with the Mariner Pro series is the addition of controllable air intake functionality, giving you unprecedented control and power. The energy-efficient needle-wheel pump utilizes micro-bubbles to efficiently and effectively remove dissolved organic substances.

The Seapora Mariner Pro Protein Skimmer is built to last, with durable cell-cast acrylic construction. This skimmer's convenient design helps with integration into any saltwater or reef aquarium, occupying very little space for the power provided. The Mariner Pro additionally features a specially designed collection cup with easy grip handle, allowing for quick and easy cleaning and maintenance without hassle or mess. To dampen vibrations or other noise, it has been fitted with shock absorbing rubber feet. Robust, efficient, and powerful, the Seapora Mariner Pro Protein Skimmer is an excellent addition to any serious saltwater fishkeeper's aquarium.

Pro-2 Specifications:
  • Works best with aquarium population sizes between dense 160 gal to sparse 300 gal
  • 8" - 9" Recommended Water Level
  • Shark PRO2000 Pump
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