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High-Efficiency LED Lighting System - 7 W - 12"

Your aquarium has plenty of potential; the Seapora High-Efficiency LED Lighting System is excellent at expressing hidden color while bringing your atmosphere to life. Create the perfect color rendition in your freshwater or marine aquarium through the perfect mixture of 24 white (daylight) and 3 Actinic (lunar) diodes. With the custom solid state LEDs, it will demonstrate excellent shimmering light that simulates sunlight while you notice it running cooler and longer than your typical conventional lighting system. This Lighting System features a sleek and stylish design, created compacted with plastic housing which also offers a bold finish to make your aquarium look complete. Your lighting controls are located at the top of your new unit, along with the power cord to offer simple routing. They are simple to use and understand; test out the three-position toggle switch which allows independent control of moonlights or all-on lighting modes. You are also provided with a UL-Listed DC power pack which you can trust to supply clean power to your fixture to gain outstanding performance.

90 day limited warranty from manufacturer. 12"

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