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MultiTest - Copper - 75 Tests

Seachem MultiTest - Copper is a professional grade water testing kit designed for use in both freshwater and saltwater aquariums. The kit makes employs a highly sensitive catalytic compleximetric based procedure that will test the water and measure all types of copper down to an exceptionally precise 0.01 mg/l and boasts a detectable range of copper between 0 and 0.8mg/l for unmatched reliability and accurate results.

Included with the kit is an opaque multi-cavity test plate with six individual cavities that allow aquarists to test and compare several samples at the same time. Additionally, the simple, easy to read color chart features a 5-centimeter viewing window that makes identifying the specific reading of the test hassle free. This color chart will highlight detectable changes in copper levels in 0.025 mg/l and 0.0025 mg/l increments for unmatched accuracy. As well, though it is not needed to use this kit, Seachem MultiTest includes a reference sample to allow aquarists to verify if there results are as accurate as they should be. Comes with 75 tests.


  • Copper Reagent 1
  • Copper Reagent 2
  • Copper Reference
  • Stir Rod
  • Sample Pipette
  • Copper Color Chart
  • Multi-Cavity Test Plate
  • Instructions
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