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Phosphate elimination in fresh water and sea water

 used in fresh water and sea-water aquariums reduces the main reason for problems with algae: 

phosphate (PO4)

It acts as an adsorbent sponge removing phosphate caused by decomposing food or overfeeding, bringing the concentration back to a natural level and never releasing phosphate back into the water.

Should be used when setting up a new aquarium to avoid phosphate (PO4) building up in rocks and gravel.

ROWA®phos …

•    extreme high phosphate (PO4) adsorbent
•    needs very little room in the filter system
•    simple handling
•    quick visible success during algae bloom
•    no influence on pH after one hour
•    reduces silicate (SiO2)
•    no output of substances such as aluminum
    (can occur when using other products)
•    avoids phosphate-related damage to lime synthesis in calcareous algae and stone corals etc.


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