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Reef Brite™ APEX™ Single or Dual channel LED interface

APEX™ Certified versatile dimming control for Lumi Lite, Tech and XHO™ lighting units. Works with any APEX™ controller or can be controlled by 0-10 volt based controllers. Easy to install and set up. Simply plug the interface inline between any Reef Brite™ LED unit and power supply, then plug the RJ45 cable into any available VR port on your APEX™ system. A VDM module is not required so long as you have a VR port available on the main APEX™ unit. Recommended maximum load for single or dual channel models is 120 watts per channel.


  • Connect the RJ45 to any available VR port.
  • Go to Fusion dashboard and locate your VR ports.
  • Select ON on each VR port one at a time until you see the Reef Brite lights come on.
  • That/These will be the VR port to access the ramping and ON/OFF functions.
  • Go to the settings on the VR port/ports assigned to the Reef Brite Lights and select Basic settings.
  • Select device (Select the Icon that looks like a Light Bulb).
  • From there use the set points on the screen to determine when you want the lights to turn ON/OFF and the desired intensity levels.
  • The easiest way to set it up is to use three set points.
  • Set the first set point for what time you would like the XHO/XHO’s to come on (Set to 0%)
  • Set the second set point for what time you want the XHO/XHO’s at maximum intensity (Set from 0-100%)
  • Set the third set point for what time you want the XHO off (Set to 0%).
  • Make sure to save your settings and you are all set.
  • Your Reef Brite units will now automatically turn ON/OFF and ramp up and down.
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