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ReefMat 1200

Intelligent, fully automated and exceptionally reliable, the new Red Sea ReefMat 1200 is a smart fleece-roller filter that will quickly become the new workhorse of your stunning saltwater or reef based aquarium. Filter socks are often used to catch debris in reef aquariums, but come with a downside...they need to be changed quite frequently as to ensure the trapped particles do not dissolve and enter back into the water column. This is where the Red Sea ReefMat shines!

Using a fail-proof, solid-state level sensor and a smart drive unit, the unit controls and monitors the exact length of mat being used, ensuring that once the mat has trapped the necessary particulate matter, it will roll itself on to a spool outside of the water, ensuring no trapped particulates can be released back into the tank. Easy to install within the sump system via a hang-on bracket, the ReefMat features no moving parts, an integrated media basket for additional chemical filtration and a durable kink-resistant, corrugated inlet hose with a USA/Metric PVC connector.

For complete ease of use, the Red Sea ReefMat 1200 can be manually controlled via the ReefBeat App, a convenient interface that offers a performance log, customized dispensing, and "end of roll" monitor and a variety of notifications regarding the status and well being of your machine, all from the palm of your hand. The Red Sea ReefMat 1200 is recommended for systems up to 315 gallons and has a max flow capacity of 2380 GPH. 10.6" x 11.8" x 18.9"

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