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Vectra M2 Return Pump

The EcoTech Marine Vectra M2 Return Pump is a powerful yet compact return pump designed specifically for aquatic marine environments. Designed to be fully controlled wirelessly over a Wi-Fi connection, the EcoTech Marine lets aquarium owners monitor and change the conditions of the tank with only the press of a button, regardless of where they are. Each and every tank is going to be a little different, and this unit is able to auto calibrate to the specific needs and designs of your tank, assisting in the smooth transition of pumps and significantly reducing the likelihood of stressing out the inhabitants of the tank with drastic flow or filtration changes. The EcoTech Marine Vectra M2 Return Pump can be used as a return pump, a closed loop system, an inline system or as a submersible to ensure that aquarists are provided with the freedom to use this pump as they need. In addition to Wi-Fi capability, the pump is also compatible with other EcoTech Marine products, such as the ReefLink web-based command center and the EcoTech Battery Backup to customize and improve the conditions of your tank.

One of the more prominent features of this unit is the fact that it can perform in both return pump mode and closed loop mode, offering more versatility and functionality for aquarists of all kinds. The return pump mode offers constant speeds, the ability to lock on a certain speed as well as a feed mode, which temporarily pauses the flow of water while food is being introduced to the tank. The closed loop mode offers three distinct flow patterns that mimic the naturally occurring flows of quiet lagoons, wave smashed reefs or cyclical oceanic gyres. With fitted couplers and standard British pipe threading, the installation is quick and easy and you can enjoy a quiet, healthy aquarium in no time at all. Features 2,000 GPH and a max head pressure of 21.5 feet.

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