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Eco Air Supreme Adjustable Air Pump - 4 Outlet

The EcoPlus Eco Air Supreme Air Pump is an excellent air pump for freshwater or saltwater aquariums and hydroponic systems that benefit from oxygenating water. Connecting this pump to an air stone (or stones with the use of an air manifold) will help you keep your water well-oxygenated, keeping plants happy and healthy. Oxygenating your water helps your plants absorb more nutrients while simultaneously strengthening their roots and preventing root rot. The EcoPlus Eco Air Supreme Air Pump runs quietly, never producing an excess of noise, and is designed for longevity and durability as well as functionality, making this pump a great fit for nearly any growing environment. Features an energy efficient, low power, and oil-free motor with a high output. These pumps are compact in size, composed of durable ABS plastic, and are backed by a one year manufacturer guarantee. 9.25" x 3.75" x 6.0"

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