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LED BioCube - 32 gal

The Coralife LED BioCube is a high performance aquarium kit with a sleek, modern stand and hood containing bright white, sparkling blue moon glows and color enhancing LEDs. It contains a LUX* of 2200, a peak LUX* of 3430, as well as a PAR* of 53 and a peak PAR* of 81. The three independent channels allow you to program an automated 30 minute sunrise and sunset mode or a 60 minute moonrise and moonset mode with a built-in 24 hour timer. The BioCube features a silent submersible pump that pushes 264 gallons per hour with dual intakes and an adjustable return nozzle, while purification is supplied through the compact and customizable filtration chamber. Your new BioCube Kit has an overflow tray, media tray, sponge filter, flexible 0.5" I.D. tubing and a filter cartridge. The Hinge-top canopy (which is attuned with the BioCube 14/29) features a feeding door and cooling fan. This canopy together with the clear glass back panel finishes off this fresh and unique look. Set your aquarium on this stand in any home or office space to wow your friends and family and to gain the true feel of an underwater atmosphere. This 32 gallon glass aquarium measures 20.25" x 21.875" x 19.125", allowing a generous amount of internal space to add your desired fish and decorations.

The LED BioCube is compatible with all existing BioCube accessories, available in 16 or 32 gallons. 20.25" x 21.875" x 19.125"

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