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RED SEA REEFER 3XL Rimless Reef-Ready Aquarium System - 900 - Black

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REEFER 3XL Rimless Reef-Ready Aquarium System - 900 - Black

With a sleek black color the Red Sea REEFER 3XL Rimless Reef-Ready Aquarium System - 900 is the ideal aquarium system for hobbyists looking to focus their efforts on visually spectacular reef based environments. The exceptional size of the unit provies the space for reefkeepers to really invest themselves in some truly unique and original aquascapes that can reflect the diversity and beauty of natural coral reefs and marine ecosystems. The sophisticated rimless design boasts 3/4" thick super-clear beveled edge glass that provides a view so crystal clear you will think that you're actually inside the aquarium with your fish and corals! The aquarium itself sits on luxurious heavy-duty plywood cabinets with quick release cabinet door hinges, reinforced with aluminum supports that serves to not only guarantee the safety and security of your investment, but also to enhance the visual atmosphere of your home.

Adding to the already impressive list of functions that the Red Sea REEFER 3XL 900 already performs is the improved water circulation and surface skimming. This unit introduces a significantly larger overflow box with dual side-facing return pump outlets that offer aquarists the ability to add one or two pumps for maximum freedom of use and versatility. The Red Sea REEFER 3XL 900 also boasts a silent, regulated down-flow system with an emergency overflow for the peace of mind of aquarium owners. Additionally, the built-in and increased surface skimming provides the perfect amount of both water circulation and water clarity, and features a flow rate of 2600 GPH. But what really sets this aquarium unit apart from the rest of the competition is the newly developed, state of the art split sump system for unmatched functionality and flexibility. In this system, the main sump is set up for the main filtration functions using an optimal refugium chamber and a dedicated adjustable height skimmer chamber. The 16 gallon sump extension can be connected to the main sump to be used in a variety of different functions such as for additional filtration, as a larger refugium or even as a separate frag tank for your delicate coral species. Aquarium owners can also make their lives exponentially easier by simply setting up the split sump as an independent unit to be used as a full sized RO or saltwater reservoir for automated water changes. The Red Sea REEFER 3XL 900 has a total volume of 240 gallons.


  • Assembly-ready piping - no gluing required
  • Filter Media Cup
  • 225 Micron Thin-Mesh Filter Bag

79" x 25.6" x 25.6"

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