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MiniBow LED Desktop Aquarium Kit - Black - 2.5 gal The Aqueon MiniBow LED Aquarium Kit is easy to setup and maintain, and features a lightweight newly redesigned low-profile hood with energy-efficient LED lights. The aquarium uses the Aqueon QuietFlow filtration system that removes harmful toxins and waste and ensures that the water remains healthy for fish and plants. Additionally, a feeding hole located on the lid allows you to feed your pet fish with ease, and an elevated base design improves overall aesthetics. The Aqueon MiniBow LED Aquarium Kit comes in 3 different sizes (1 gallon, 2.5 gallons, and 5 gallons) and colors (Black, White, Blue) and is the ideal starter kit for new aquarium hobbyists. For optimal experience, follow the simple setup steps and success tips outlined in the Aqueon Aquarium Setup Guide (PDF) 7.625" x 11.5" x 12.5"

Kit Includes:

  • Aquarium
  • Black LED Hood
  • Power Filter
  • Betta Food
  • Water Conditioner
  • Setup Guide
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