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Smart Buddie Booster Pump - 50 to 100 GPD

Reverse Osmosis is a pressure-driven process, and RO units thrive on pressure! The reality is that pressure can vary considerably from one municipality to another, and this can have a significant impact on the performance of an RO system. Recognizing the fact that not all pressure is created equally, Aquatic Life developed the Smart Buddie Booster Pump. This value-adding device boosts incoming pressure driving your RO or RO/DI system, thereby enhancing its performance and efficiency. It is designed for use with most 50 to 100 GPD units.

The Aquatic Life Smart Buddie Booster Pump is primarily designed for RO units used in communities troubled by low water pressure. This quiet and easy-to-install accessory is also ideal for hobbyists wishing to harness the full potential of their Reverse Osmosis systems. The Smart Buddie can significantly increase water output, promotes production of the highest quality filtered water, and also helps reduce DI resin consumption for extended usable life. Lastly, it features Buddie Fit press-fittings which make it very easy to plumb into your existing RO setup.

Most residential RO units are capable of operating under lower pressure (down to 35 psi), however they will never reach peak performance under these conditions. Furthermore, water quality may be compromised when units are operated below the 45 psi mark. The average household water pressure is around 60 psi, which should enable most RO units to run properly. The Smart Buddie Booster Pump elevates pressure to between 80 and 90 psi, delivering maximum performance and water quality while reducing waste water production.

To ensure that your RO unit achieves and maintains optimal performance, the Smart Buddie is equipped with an automatic internal flush valve. This handy mechanism flushes the membrane for 18 seconds each and every time the unit is activated. It quickly clears any accumulated debris, effectively prolonging the life of the membrane. To maximize pump life, the Smart Buddie features both high and low pressure switches. The high pressure switch deactivates the pump if the filtered water pressure exceeds 33.35 psi, and the low pressure switch deactivates the pump if incoming water pressure drops below 7.25 psi.

Please Note: the precise activation points of the Smart Buddie's pressure switches may vary slightly from unit to unit. The activation ranges are from 33.35 to 36.25 psi for the high pressure switch, and from 4.35 to 7.25 psi for the low pressure switch. The 1/4" installation tubing required for use is sold separately. 9.65" x 5.25" x 7.5"

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