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HD LED Lighting System with Dimmer - 24" - 22 W

Aquarium Masters' HD LED Lighting System with Dimmer is a top of the line high intensity LED strip that runs cooler and lasts longer than other conventional lighting systems. Custom made solid-state LEDs create a beautiful shimmering light that produces 10,000k daylight, 460nm lunar, and 630 red diodes, projecting beautiful color renditions perfect for both freshwater and saltwater aquariums. Cycling between the system's three lighting modes is exceptionally simple with the touch-capacitive power control located at the top of the strip. Touch and hold the capacitive power control to dim or brighten the diodes, making acclimating your fish to the new lighting system nearly effortless. Aluminum housing gives this lighting system a sleek and low profile feel, with matte black coating to protect the surface from unsightly contaminates. An aluminum heatsink integrated within passively dissipates heat generated by the diodes, allowing the unit to function at optimal performance. An integrated mounting system makes securing this light strip to your aquarium simple and safe, and the efficient, low voltage power source runs silent and cool.

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