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Liquid mineralizer for RO water. It enriches the water with the minerals necessary for plants and aquarium inhabitants. Suitable for mineralizing RO, deionized and distilled water. The complex formula contains easily absorbable calcium and magnesium, increases the general hardness and carbonate hardness in the desirable ratio of 2:1. It contains all the minerals needed to keep freshwater fish and plants in a perfect condition. Maintains the correct ratio of calcium and magnesium. Helps preventing diseases caused by too low content of mineral ions in the water, protects fish against stress and osmotic shock. The liquid formula ensures easy use and instantly prepares water to use in the aquarium.


Instantly mineralizes water

Supports plant growth

Sets perfect GH to KH ratio


1 ml per 3 liters of water and raises KH: 2, GH: 4. Shake well before use. Mix with water outside the aquarium.

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