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Algae Reactor with LED Lighting

The Algae Reactor is a unique device by Wavereef which utilizes and cultivates macroalgae (specifically Chaetomorpha) to absorb and remove algae-producing nutrients from your aquarium's water. A waterproof LED light strip inside of the reactor maximizes light exposure for the algae within, aiding growth and nutrient consumption. The inner LEDs provide intense PAR lighting, taking advantage of aluminum heat sink technology to run safe and cool. This natural filtration method requires no added chemicals or additives, meaning it will not negatively impact your water parameters or create any other issues.

The Algae Reactor has other benefits as a standalone filtration system, with elements to replace GFO (granulated ferric oxide), nitrate reactors, bio-pellet reactors, carbon dosing, and even protein skimmers in some systems. Some of the unique functions of the Algae Reactor include the ability to stabilize pH at all times, lower dissolve CO2 concentrations, and maintain and increase dissolved oxygen levels. Simply combine this unit with an adequate water pump, and nutrients will be sapped from your water as it is evenly pushed through the system through the macroalgae mass. This unit can be installed externally or in-sump. Hose and pump not included. 12-month manufacturer guarantee included.

AG-160B Specs:

  • Tank Volume: 40 - 150 gal
  • Recommended Pump GPH: 400
  • Hose Inlet/Outlet: 25 mm (hose not included)
  • Pipe dia.: 160 mm

8.5" x 8.5" x 22.5"

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