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The Waterbox Frag series offers hobbyists a way to create the ultimate shallow reef
The height is 16 "(approx. 40 cm) compared to the typical 21-24" (approx. 50 to 60 cm) aquariums a lot lower than the standard.

  • Starphire Ultra-Clear ™ glass on all panels
  • Full glass overflow system
  • Includes self-leveling mat
  • Including ready-to-install piping
  • Includes filter socks and sock dampers
  • Double UV coated hardwood cabinets
  • Fully glazed landing
  • Overflow cabinets are all glass with water-etched thrusters.

Adjustable Nozzle

Equipped with adjustable return connections for accurate water treatment.

Self-leveling mat

Includes a pre-applied, self-leveling foam mat that keeps your aquarium level on an uneven surface and reduces stress on the glass.


The Frag comes with a biologist / filter in the furniture with an auto top-off reservoir, custom filter sponge and filter socks.

  • Marine FRAG 105.4
  • Dimensions 120x60x41 cm
  • Capacity 274 liters
  • Glass thickness 10 mm
  • Exclusive lighting
  • Including furniture and biologist (2 filter socks 4 ")
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