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* Features rimless 8mm Starphire Ultra-Clear™ Beveled Glass
* Side to side rear filtration and media chambers for included mechanical filtration
* Comes with Waterbox 50.3 AIO Cabinet Stand

The Waterbox Silver Marine All-In-One 50.3 Aquarium System is the perfect entry-level, all-in-one aquarium option for new hobbyists and advanced aquarists alike!

The Waterbox Silver Marine Series is an easy-to-use, "plug-and-play" system -- no plumbing required! Just choose the best lighting for your needs, and you're set!

Boasting all the same advanced features of the other Waterbox AIOs, the 40-gallon system is designed to provide a larger AIO aquarium system. This series also eliminates the high price that generally creates a barrier to entry for those wanting to start a saltwater aquarium.

The tank is carefully constructed with Starphire Ultra-Clear™ Glass, a crystal clear, low-iron glass. Proprietary flow nozzles provide the aquarium with the ideal flow rates to help foster a thriving aquatic habitat.

This AIO system also features a side-to-side filtration chamber, great for mechanical and biological media like bio balls, carbon, filter socks, and sponges.

Start your aquarium adventure today with this great all in one system from Waterbox!

Naming Convention: The first number indicates the gallon capacity, followed by the length of the aquarium in feet.

Features and Specs:

  • Starphire Ultra-Clear™ Glass
  • Glass Thickness - 2/5" (10mm)
  • Glass Overflow System
  • Full Length Overflow
  • Removable Filter Socks
  • Included Filtration Media
  • Tank Length - 36" (900mm)
  • Tank Width - 20" (500mm)
  • Tank Height - 18" (450mm)
  • Total System Volume - 49.1 Gal (186L)
  • Return Pump Included
  • Leveling Mat Included


Waterbox 50.2 AIO Cabinet Stand:

  • Stability is key to installing a long lasting aquatic environment safely in your home. Waterbox 40.2 AIO System systems include pre-seated leveling mats on the glass tank, and up to 26 leveling feet on the cabinet.
  • Beautifully seated and designed cabinet doors recessed push buttons make the Reef system Décor the best in the industry.
  • Not only do the cabinets sport a satin finish, the doors are all secured by the highest quality soft close PVC coated hinges.
  • The Waterbox Silver Marine system cabinets all sport an optional inscribed seal for use on any Waterbox Cabinet Décor.
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