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Carnivore Sinking Pellets - 10.58 oz

Tropical Carnivore Sinking Pellets are specialized multi-ingredient sinking granule pellets designed specifically for bottom feeding omnivorous and carnivorous fish (such as catfish, rays, eels, and large cichlids among others) that feed at the bottom of the tank. Carnivore Sinking Pellets are best used as a high-protein dietary supplement, supplying bottom feeders with much-needed concentrated nutrition.

The proteins included in Tropical Carnivore Sinking Granules are easily digestible and boast low starch content to protect your carnivores against fat build up in their internal organs. These granules do not dissolve in water, retaining their structure and texture at the bottom of the tank, and never contaminating your pet's environment. Tropical Carnivore Sinking Granules also include stabilized vitamin C, meant to stimulate fish immune systems and stave off illness.

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