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HM Digital Inline Triple TDS Monitor - TRM-1

The Aquatic Life HM Digital Inline Triple TDS Monitor informs you when the RO membrane and the DI resin need to be replaced by closely observing the Total Dissolved Solids for any water filtration system, reverse osmosis system or coolers and more. A ten minute auto-off function saves battery life which will last approximately 1000 hours with constant use. 1/4" standard Mur-lok Quick-Connect T-Fitting is incorporated, which is also obtainable in 3/8" and 1/2" sizes. The 342 ppm NaCl solution calibration is adjustable with a small mini-screw driver and the ppm ranges from 0-9990, where 0-999 is 1 ppm and 1000-9990 is 10 ppm. 3" x 0.8" x 1.9"

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