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XStream SDC Propeller Pump - 2250 gph

The compact Sicce XStream SDC Propeller Pump is a sleek, powerful pump that simulates the wave motion of a variety of different aquatic environments. Well suited for use in both freshwater and saltwater aquariums and provides exceptional water circulation and improves filter functionality. The unit features a self-cleaning impeller through the internal recirculation of water and uses magnetic rubber support for a tighter, more secure connection with reduced vibration. The easy to clean Sicce Stream SDC Propeller Pump has a flexible 360 degree circular rotation for optimum freedom when positioning the unit inside of the tank. Despite constant pressure and flow, the unit offers wide and gentle flow levels that are ideal for sensitive coral, fry and other small aquatic creatures. Additionally, this unit offers unmatched freedom and customization options when used with the Wi-Fi enabled, compatible app for iOS and Android smartphones. The app allows users to synchronize several pumps as well as preset modes and programs that offer unique calibrated wave functions such as sinusoidal, pulse, lagoonal pool and slow current to name a few. And all this right in the palm of your hand! The pump boasts a stainless steel shaft and ceramic bearings that provide increased safety and durability as well as a chew safe spiral cord cover that prevents chewing or nipping from curious aquatic pets. Has a flow rate of 2250 gph and is incredibly energy efficient at only 12 watts. Ideal for aquariums up to 160 gallons.

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