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Whale 120 External Filter - 140 gph

The Sicce Whale 120 External Filter is a top of the line canister filter that sports a sophisticated, compact design without compromising the powerful performance of Sicce products. To get the filter up and running even quicker (and with less hassle), the unit features a unique self priming mechanism that can be hung directly onto the back of the tank. The durable filter also includes a quick disconnect system, whereby the body of the filter can be disconnected by closing the valves on the in and out hoses. Additionally, these in and out hoses are grey in color as a way to prevent the growth of algae caused by light exposure.

Unmatched in its versatility, the unit is suitable for use in both freshwater and saltwater aquariums as well as turtle tanks. Floating filter baskets make cleaning, changing filter media and general maintenance a walk in the park and strong clips help to open and close the filter while ensuring no leaks or spills. A steel shaft impeller helps to maintain near silence when the filter is in operation, allowing the focus to remain on the inhabitants of the tank, instead of the noisy, distracting equipment on the outside. The Whale features an adjustable water flow control on the knob of the output fitting so aquarists can manually adjust their flow within the aquarium. Features a flow rate of 140 GPH, a max head height of 3.3 feet and draws 5 watts of power. Ideal for aquariums between 10-30 gallons in size.

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