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Voyager Nano Stream Pump 2000 - 530 gph

The Sicce Voyager Nano Stream Pump 2000 is a sleek, powerful stream pump that simulates the wave motion of a variety of different aquatic environments. Well suited for use in both freshwater and saltwater aquariums and provides exceptional water circulation and improves filter functionality. The unit features a self-cleaning impeller through the internal recirculation of water and uses magnetic support and a rubber pad to reduce the amount of noise and vibration. The Sicce Voyager Nano Stream Pump 2000 has a 360 degree rotation for optimum freedom when positioning the unit inside of the tank. Has a flow rate of 530 gph and is incredibly energy efficient at only 3 watts. Ideal for freshwater tanks up to 53 gallons and marine tanks up to 37 gallons.

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