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MultiTest - Iodine/Iodide - 75+ Tests

Seachem MultiTest - Iodine & Iodide is a professional grade water testing kit designed for use in both freshwater and saltwater aquariums. The kit makes employs a highly sensitive catalysis based procedure that will test the water and measure iodine and iodide down to an exceptionally precise 0.0025 mg/l and boasts a detectable range between 0 and 0.1mg/l for unmatched reliability and accurate results. For reference, natural seawater features an iodide concentration 0.06 mg/l that is vital for proper hard and soft coral growth and it is highly encouraged to maintain aquarium levels at or around this number. Maintaining levels above this concentration should be considered experiments more than anything.

Included with the kit is an opaque multi-cavity test plate with six individual cavities that allow aquarists to test and compare several samples at the same time. Additionally, the simple, easy to read color chart features a 5-centimeter viewing window that makes identifying the specific reading of the test hassle free. This color chart will highlight detectable changes in iodine and iodide levels in 0.0025 mg/l and 0.005 mg/l increments for unmatched accuracy. As well, though it is not needed to use this kit, Seachem MultiTest includes a reference sample to allow aquarists to verify if there results are as accurate as they should be. Comes with 75 tests.

Kit Includes:

  • Iodide Reagent 1
  • Iodide Reagent 2
  • Iodide Reagent 2a
  • Iodide Reagent 2b
  • Iodide Reference
  • Stir Rod
  • Dispensing Pipette
  • Sample Pipette
  • Iodide Color Chart
  • Multi-Cavity Test Plate
  • Instructions
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