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Breeder Sponge Filter - 60

The Seapora Breeder Sponge Filter is designed for applications requiring gentle, low-flow filtration. Ideal for breeding, fry, quarantine and shrimp aquariums, this easy-to-use filter provides superior mechanical and biological filtration. It can be driven by an air pump or powerhead, and is suitable for freshwater and marine use. Suitable for medium sized aquariums (15-35 Gallons). When fully assembled, the unit boasts a weighted base for added stability and has a maximum height of 9.25 inches and a diameter of 2.95 inches.


Air Pump:Connect one end of the airline tubing to the filter air inlet, and the other end to an air pump. Install a check valve if the air pump will reside below the aquarium water level. Adjust air flow via air pump or valve.

Powerhead:Attach a small powerhead to the uplift conduit on the filter. Clean the sponge regularly for optimal performance. Never rinse the filter sponge in tap water. To free trapped debris, wring out the sponge using established aquarium water. Do not return this water to the aquarium.

9.25" x 2.95" dia.

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