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Neutral Regulator - 50 g

The 50 gram container of Seachem Neutral Regulator is designed to adjust the pH balance within an aquarium from either to low pH or too high pH to the neutral position of pH 7.0 and consistently maintain that balance over time. The solution helps to soften water by precipitating calcium and magnesium while removing any harmful chlorine, chloramine and detoxifying ammonia from freshwater environments, ensuring a clean, thriving and well balanced tank. Seachem Neutral Regulator contains phosphate buffers and conditioning agents, but it is completely safe for all freshwater fish that have been acclimated to a neutral pH. The use of this solution renders other conditioning supplements unnecessary.

Further information:

To lower pH below 7.0 use Neutral Regulator® with Acid Regulator™ (or Discus Buffer®).
To raise pH above 7.0 use with Alkaline Regulatorâ„¢.

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