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Neutral Regulator - 250 g

Seachem Neutral Regulator is a top of the line water additive that has been designed specifically to adjust high or low pH balances to the neutral value of 7.0 and maintains this level. The solution softens aquarium water through the precipitation of calcium and magnesium while simultaneously removing harmful chlorine, chloramine and detoxifying ammonia, making other water conditioning unnecessary. Helps to create a stable, well balanced freshwater environment and is safe for all fish acclimated to a neutral pH level. Comes in a 250 gram container.


Use a 5 g (1 level teaspoon) for every 40–80 L (10–20 US gallons) of aquarium water once or twice a month, or as frequent as necessary to maintain a neutral pH of 7.0. Seachem Neutral Regulator may be initially used daily in cases of high alkalinity until a level of pH 7.0 is established. The solution can also be added directly to the water column at any time. Ideally, the formula should be used when adding or changing water by dissolving it first in the replacement water.

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