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OCTO Classic Protein Skimmer 200-INT

The Reef Octopus OCTO Classic Protein Skimmer features an excellent high performance design, best suited for in-sump aquariums up to 317 gallons. This Protein Skimmer has its own built-in "air shedding" Aquatrance pump inside of a hand-made hybrid acrylic conical body. There is no need for a feed pump as water is taken strait from the sump itself. A vented valve output and precision control gate valve is integrated into this design with an easy to remove cup that has a drain. This ultra compact and quietly operated system may be easily disassembled and reassembled for maintenance purposes. Reef Octopus OCTO Classic Protein Skimmers are trusted by professionals and hobbyists with a 2 year manufacturer warranty against any potential manufacturing defects, strictly regarding the pump motor.

Available models include the 110-INT, 150-INT and 200-INT. 14.6" x 10.2" (footprint) / 24" height / 4.7" dia neck / 7.9" dia cup

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