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ReefWave 45

The Red Sea ReefWave 45 is the wave pump of the future. Powered by a professional grade energy efficient sine-wave DC control motor drive, the unit boasts unmatched gyre cross-flow technology that provides a gentle, even distributed flow to all corners of your aquarium. As aquarists are well aware, most wave pumps can be quite noisy and even downright distracting at times, but with the Red Sea ReefWave, you’ll regularly wonder if the pump is even on at all! With superior vibration damping mounts and top of the line dual bearings, this unit doesn’t need to sacrifice power for smooth, silent operation.

Ideal for delicate reef based aquariums, this pulsing wave pump boasts 5 distinct programmable wave patterns that have unique forward, reverse and alternating flow modes to replicate the flow patterns found in natural environments. In addition to the already stellar functionality, the Red Sea ReefWave comes with a dedicated Wi-Fi enabled controller that features the aforementioned programmable wave patterns as well as a spinning wheel that allows aquarium owners to manually adjust the intensity of the wave pump to suit their individual needs. As mentioned the built in Wi-Fi capabilities allow aquarists to connect the ReefWave to the dedicated ReefBeat app available for download on smartphones and computers. This app is an all-in-one online interface that allows aquarium owners to set up and customize timed schedules, wave modes, feed modes and more, right in the palm of their hand. The pumps have the ability to be connected to multiple units all from the ReefBeat app, offering unmatched control across multiple pumps and aquariums.

Easy to install and to clean, the pump even features color coded parts to make putting the unit back together easier after cleaning and regular maintenance. The unit features a flow rate of 3960 GPH with an energy efficient power consumption of only 45 watts and is suitable for use on glass with a maximum thickness of 3/4”. 12.4" x 3.2" x 2"

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