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Reef Energy Plus - 250 ml

Red Sea Reef Energy Plus is a top of the line marine formula specifically designed to meet the complex nutritional demands of a wide variety of different SPS, LPS and soft coral species. The formula itself is composed of an organic complex of dissolved and suspended carbohydrates, amino acids, fatty acids, and vitamins, all of which contribute directly to improved coloration, noticeable growth and enhanced vitality. Every ingredient is directly absorbed and consumed by the corals, allowing for exceptional energy efficiency during various essential metabolic processes such as tissue regeneration. Red Sea Reef Energy Plus is a super food that contributes to a 15% faster coral growth rate and increased resiliency to illness and disease. Easy to use with an automatic doser, the formula can be kept unrefrigerated and unstirred for up to one week without negatively impacting the freshness of the ingredients. Comes in a 250 ml container.

Feeding Dosage

Based on the average daily dosage per 25 gallons of aquarium water.

  • Mixed Reef/SPS Frag: 4ml
  • SPS Dominant: 8ml
  • Ultra Low Nutrient SPS: 12ml
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