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Onyx Sand - 3.5 kg

Seachem Onyx Sand is a top of the line premium natural sand that provides an ideal combination of both form and function. The sand can be used in any environment, but is ideal for planted aquariums as it is rich in essential carbonates and with unmatched longevity, is good for the entire life of the aquarium, taking a load of worry and hassle away from aquarists of all types. The beautiful dark gray sand enhances the look and feel of any tank, in addition to being rich in carbonates and supporting the optimal KH levels needed for explosive growth in planted aquaria. Seachem Onyx Sand is most effective when used individually, but it can be mixed with other gravels to provide more unique textures and patterns. The sand has not been chemically coated or treated and it has a slight buffering capacity that may raise pH by 0.1 - 0.5 pH units. Additional gravel modifiers such as laterite are not necessary. Comes in a 3.5 kilogram bag.


Seachem Onyx Sand is prewashed, but it is a natural product and may become dusty during transit and require thorough rinsing prior to use to remove additional dust and prevent aquarium clouding.

Add water to the aquarium slowly and carefully, as to not disturb the sand substrate bed. A common method is to place a bowl in the aquarium and then add the water directly into the bowl, allowing the water to slow overflow on to the sand. Initial cloudiness is completely normal, and to easily remove cloudiness simply use mechanical filtration

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