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Full Spectrum LED Light - 6.5 W - 5"

Let there be light! The Lifegard Aquatics Full Spectrum LED Light is a powerful, yet elegant LED strip light that provides unmatched illumination for both freshwater and saltwater environments. Ideal for fish, aquatic plants and demanding corals, this all-purpose light features 9000K color temperature with 8 white, 1 red, 3 blue, 1 green and 2 pink LED's placed throughout the fixture. The manual switch on the lighting unit states On, Off and Lunar Blue, offering aquarium owners the chance to still view their underwater habitats, even after dark. The body of the light is protected by a powerful clear, polycarbonate sheet that ensures no moisture can enter the light and damage the unit. This sheet can be easily wiped down with a damp cloth once salt or moisture markings begin to build up. The light is 5" in length and draws 6.5 watts of power. Includes a durable, low profile LED Light Mounting Bracket that fits on the side of your aquarium.

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