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CO2 Controller with Solenoid

The Ista CO2 Controller with Solenoid is the perfect complement for your freshwater planted aquarium, and its CO2 injection setup. This controller will ensure that your aquatic haven will be accurately and reliably dosed with CO2, to ensure the healthy, robust life of your plant inhabitants. With a dual-gauge, easy-to-read display you will know exactly how much CO2 is entering your aquarium, and how much is left in your cylinder.

This specific controller has been designed for use with face-side CO2 cylinders. Made of high quality stainless steel, it is extremely durable, and rust-proof! This model has been conveniently equipped with a solenoid, allowing it to be used with timers, or other devices. A flash light indicator and a safety valve are also included. Absolutely no tools are required for installation!

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