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Frozen Cyclopod - Flatpack - 1.75 oz Excellent for fry or small, newborn marine fish, Bio-Pure Cyclopod+ is another fantastic diet produced by Hikari. Loaded with bio-encapsulated multi-vitamins and added DHA and EPA, this nutritious frozen food with help to maintain a healthy reef environment. Support the overall well-being of your fish and corals by ensuring they are provided a diet chalk full of phytoplankton and diatomic food sources. The mini cubed format permits exact feeding, which is great for nano tanks, minimizing overfeeding, and the elimination of excess waste as a result.

  • Great for fry, small marine fish and corals!
  • Loaded with multi-vitamins, DHA and EPA
  • Helps maintain a healthy reef environment
  • Phytoplankton and diatomic food sources
  • Mini cubed format permits exact feeding
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