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Saltwater Nitrate Checker HC - Low Range

Designed for use in delicate saltwater and marine aquariums, the Hanna Saltwater Nitrate Checker HC - Low Range is a unique, hand-held device that quickly and accurately reads the low levels of nitrate present in your aquarium or other marine applications. With a range between 0.00 and 5.00 ppm, the device is significantly more accurate (to 0.1 ppm) than chemical tests and is able to provide reliable, real-time information regarding the status of your tank. As nitrates can cause downright chaos in a saltwater environment; killing corals and creating damaging dinoflagellates, accuracy is of the utmost importance. The device features a digital readout that makes values easy to see and a built-in timer that runs during the assessment of your nitrates. For higher range nitrates between 5-50 ppm, carefully follow the dilution instructions for true values.

All Hanna Saltwater Nitrate Checker HC - Low Range devices come with the following:

  • Marine Nitrate Low Range reagent starter kit (reagents for 25 tests)
  • Sample cuvette and cap (2 pcs.)
  • Filter paper (25 pcs.)
  • Filter holder (1 pc.)
  • Mixing vial and cap (1 pc.)
  • 5 mL syringe with tip (1 pc.)
  • 10 mL syringe (1 pc.)
  • 1 mL graduated syringe (1 pc.)
  • Plastic refilling pipette (1 pc.)
  • 16 gauge blunt needle (1 pc.)
  • 1.5V AAA Alkaline battery (1 pc.)
  • Instruction manual
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