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Division 125 Protein Skimmer

Welcome to the future of protein skimmers! The aquavitro division 125 Protein Skimmer combines power, efficiency and intelligence to maintain optimal water parameters in complex saltwater and reef based environments. Well suited for a wide variety of sump related applications, the unit comes packed with a wide range of essential features that provide unmatched user control and functionality. The skimmer itself is incredibly sturdy in it's construction, with a large cylindrical column that provides longer contact time for bubbles to improve the overall quality of the water. As well, the top of the column houses a durable, polycarbonate collection cup with a molded handle that makes it significantly easier to dispose of trapped organic materials.

We know that not every aquarium is the same, and that's why the division 125 Protein Skimmer comes with a variety of easily adjustable features to suit any style or size aquarium. Both air flow and water flow can be fine-tuned to the specifications of the tank and the height based drain regulation can be adjusted helps to provide improved stability and less resistance within the column. As well, any variation in the water level of the skimmer will not negatively impact the operation of the unit itself. The powerful external pump creates higher column volume that leads to more contact time and surface area with the bubbles, providing a more efficient elimination of organic waste. As reef tanks are notoriously delicate, this highly advanced protein skimmer ensures that no microbubbles are released from the unit, which can cause irritation and damage to sensitive coral species.

Nobody likes noisy equipment that detracts from the beauty of their aquarium, so this sophisticated, user friendly protein skimmer includes both an effective air silencer for a quiet water intake and anti vibration o-rings with rubber feet to dampen sound. Keep your focus on the vibrant colors and exotic inhabitants of your aquarium, not on the equipment outside of it. Ideal for aquariums up to 125 gallons in size.

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