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RO Buddie +DI - 50 GPD

Why Reverse Osmosis? The process of Reverse Osmosis, whereby pressure is used to force water through a semi-permeable membrane that retains the solute, is a proven way to supply purified water to your aquarium and its inhabitants.

The Aquatic Life RO Buddie +DI 50 GPD is a highly affordable 4-stage Reverse Osmosis Unit that removes harmful substances such as heavy metal ions and Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) from your municipal water supply.

Stage 1 - Sediment Cartridge - Incoming water first passes through a Sediment Cartridge, which removes particulate matter often found in tap water.

Stage 2 - Carbon Cartridge - After particulates and debris are removed from the water, it then passes through a Carbon Cartridge where chlorine, chloramines, and other impurities are removed or neutralized.

Stage 3 - RO Membrane - Water then travels through the semi-permeable thin film composite (TFC) membrane, removing any remaining solutes.

Stage 4 - Deionization Cartridge - Self-contained and pre-installed; this final stage allows the elimination of mostly all existing (TDS) from the membrane-filtered water. Resin changes colors from blue, yellow, tan and finally white to indicate worn out media; visible through the clear and refillable housing.

The RO Buddie's +DI compact size makes it ideal for placement in cabinets and other small spaces. It includes a handy mounting bracket with screws for secure installation, while allowing convenient access to the unit's cartridges. The RO Buddie +DI also features quick-release clips that make it easy to remove supply lines, and includes a canister cap wrench for easy replacement of the TFC membrane (accepts standard 11.75" membranes). It uses 1/4" flexible tubing with high pressure and temperature ratings for outstanding resistance to environmental stress cracking. The DI Cartridge includes two clips so that it can attach to the membrane housing. A faucet adapter is also included for connection to standard male hose thread. For quality assurance and peace of mind, the RO Buddie +DI is backed by a 1 year limited manufacturer's warranty. Please Note: 1/4" tubing to connect to water supply, filtered water and waste water connections sold separately.


Minimum Water Pressure: 60 PSI
Maximum Water Pressure: 100 PSI
Optimal Water Temperature: 77°F (25°C)
Maximum Water Temperature: 105°F (40°C)
Typical Rejection Rate: (1:4.5)


Sediment Cartridge
Carbon Cartridge
Color Changing Deionization Resin Cartridge
Micron Cartridge
RO Membrane
RO Unit Housing with Mounting Bracket
Canister Cap Wrench
Faucet Connector
Installation and Maintenance Guide 7.2" x 4" x 13.8"

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