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The Aquatic Life Dual-Lamp T5 HO (High-Output) Fluorescent aquarium light fixtures employ the latest leading edge technology for both the novice and experienced hobbyist. Included hardware allows up to three fixtures to be easily linked together to create a 4-Lamp or 6-Lamp aquarium light fixture. The Marine lighting system features a combination of 700+nm/10,000K and 420/460nm Actinic lamps to promote exceptional growth and color in Corals and Invertebrates, as well as eye-popping vivid colors of fishes. The Freshwater lighting system features a combination of 6000K Daylight and 650nm Roseate lamps, which when used together create a balanced light output, including peaks in the blue and red spectrum that matches the chlorophyll absorption peaks in plants, and at the same time enhances fish coloration.

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