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Plus M7 Aquarium Light - Black

The AquaNest Plus M7 Aquarium Light is a smart LED light with controls that offer the user up to 24 programmable time periods which include a realistic simulation of the natural light changes that occur at sunrise and sunset. Compatible with both iOS and Android, the Wi-Fi enabled unit lets you adjust every element of one or more lighting systems remotely from your phone, so wherever you are you will always have full control over your aquarium. Boasting 11 different colours and controllable intensity, you can be sure that the coral in your marine tank is receiving the absolute best lighting for optimal growth and long term health. Using Dense Matrix LED technology, multiple LED chips will concentrate into a solid beam, allowing for wider coverage and a more penetrating light that can hit the bottom of a large tank. One might think that with all of that power in such a sleek and slender design the unit may run hot, but the AquaNest Plus M7 Aquarium Light comes with a built in smart temperature cooling system with fans to ensure there is never a danger of overheating. For function and for style, the unit is able to be mounted in two different ways, either suspended directly above the tank or affixed to a flexible, adjustable arm attached behind the tank.

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