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Prime Fuge

The AquaIllumination Prime Fuge is a top of the line LED lighting system designed for growing large quantities of algae quickly and efficiently. The LED's themselves provide unmatched illumination with 80 degree lenses that offer the best balance of power and distribution. Thirteen powerful LED's of red, UV, PhytoRed and Cool White uses a diffuse exit surface to provide improved color blending for greater than 90% optical efficiency that will reach tank depths of up to 18 inches. For greater control and freedom of use, the AquaIllumination Prime Fuge comes with the simple, built in Wi-Fi controlled myAI app that with features such as an acclimation mode for gently introducing your aquarium to new lights, a schedule mode to accurately set up when you want your lights on and off, and a unique, state-of-the-art Kelvin Wheel that allows you to manually set the exact color temperature that your corals need to thrive. Compatible with iOS and Android devices as well as MAC and PC computers. The light can be mounted on a rimmed or rimless tank using a mount with a innovative ball joint that tilts and angles allowing for instant adjustments or concentrated light distribution. The light can also be mounted using a hanging kit suspended above the tank or the silicone coated flex arm for a sleek and mobile design. Energy efficient with only 46 watts of consumption.

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